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Guide to web results

Online results and LIVE results.

The website of ChampionChip Estonia is located at 

Presentation of results, all calculation algorithms, web graphics are original solutions and meet all the requirements and trends for presentation of results of modern mass competitions and have the modern structural and graphic solution.

Estonian and English are currently used as the user language. The language selection is made easy by the added geolocation option – the page "understands" from which language region the user comes from, you can also select the appropriate language from the top right if necessary.

The basis for presenting the results is the competition taking place and the distances planned there.

The name of the competition is linked to the homepage of the specific organizer.

Distances are indicated, the pictogram shows the sport, the planned start time of the given distance, the length of the distance.

The following pictograms represent the list of participants (megaphone), results (stopwatch) and LIVE results.

Participants are searchable by start number, last name and first name, sortable by age, gender, home, club, country (click for more options).

You can go to other distances in the same race through the upper tab line - 63 km - 31 km, ....

The results are generated as a given protocol with a web max 30 sec delay, this is necessary to perform the necessary calculations, control and load the data.

These are the so-called basic results that are sorted after the competition, clicking on the name will see detailed results, splits, pace, etc.

LIVE results



On the LIVE results page, the results appear instantly when the competitor passes the given splitpoint, the max delay is 0.7 – 1.0 sec (depending on the speed of network connections).
If the contestant's score appears then the given row gets ca 0.5 sec blue background, this indicates that the contestant's score has been added and at the same time makes it easier to track the results.

Different distances in the same race are all under a different tab (top row – 63 km, 31 km).

It is also possible to sort the results according to gender, age category, country, search by name or number, select either top 10, top 25, top 50 or reverse the results, the last one passed is always displayed on the top row.

The running time of the race is visible on the right on the selection row. NB! each computer counts its own computer clock when showing time, use some so-called "atomic clock" program (e.g. MasterSync) to synchronize the computer clock.

Different timing points (green row where Matu 12 km, Harimäe 17 km, .... in a row) can be observed at any time regardless of the overall course of the race.

They can also be opened in different windows if necessary. The last tab is red - opened from this location.

TREND-indicates whether the contestant has improved the rank compared to the previous timesplit.

BEHIND - if you choose the results depending on gender, age group, etc., the loss will always be counted to the leader of the given choice.

Asterisk - by pressing it, you select this contestant as your so-called favorite and you can follow the contestant's live results in a separate window, favorites can be added infinitely.

To delete a favorite, press the cross or star at the end of the name line that you pressed when selecting a favorite in LIVE results. 

Pleasant use!